Rose Radiant Gold Luminizer


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Rose Radiant Gold Luminizer
Rose Radiant Gold Luminizer
Rose Radiant Gold Luminizer
Rose Radiant Gold Luminizer

The Rose Radiant Gold is a Glow Liquid Illuminator formula for the face and the body that blurs imperfections and reflects the light for HD-Ready skin. It reflects the light for a Photo Ready skin finish. 

*Rose Radiant Gold is perfect for fair and light tones! A soft rose gold, silver pearls that illuminate the skin for a glowing complexion*

How To Use:

  • Apply Rose Radiant Gold Liquid Illuminator Highlighter drops alone or add a drop into your favorite skincare, foundation and makeup products to customize your glow complexion. 

How To Glow Like a Goddess: 

  • Apply the Rose Radiant Gold Liquid Luminizer into your cheekbones, shoulders, neckline or collarbones for a natural-looking glow or apply all over the legs and arms for a truly divine glow. 
  • Use a Cosmetic Brush to seamlessly buff the highlighter onto the face, legs, arms, shoulders and collarbone for a natural-looking glow. 
  • Blend the Rose Radiant Gold quickly and build it up for more coverage. Apply 2-3 pumps to cover a large area or 1-2 pumps for a precise glow.                                                                          


  • Water-Proof
  • Long-Lasting


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